Joseph Avitto, Security
347-855-2238 x310
Elaine Bartley, Operations Assistant
347-855-2238 x377
Kenneth Byalin, President
347-855-2238 x351
Erin Celletti, Director of Communications
347-855-2238 x382
Pricilla Chen, Social Worker
347-855-2238 x372
Irma Cruz, Operations Assistant
347-855-2238 x396
Mary Cottingham, Chief of Staff
347-855-2238 x359
Jenna Curran, Assistant Principal of Lavelle Prep Elementary
347-855-2238 x102
Samantha Deluca, Principal's Assistant of New Ventures
347-855-2238 x376
Amelia DePompo, Director of Academic Guidance
Diane DiSalvo, Director of Counseling
347-855-2238 x371
Reynaldo Duncanson, Information Technology Manager
347-855-2238 x318
Anthony Faiella, Principal of Lavelle Prep Elementary
347-855-2238 x101
Evelyn Finn, Vice President of Academic Affairs
347-855-2238 x364
Stephanie Garriga, Principals Assistant of Lavelle Prep
347-855-2238 x362
Ceasar Gunnell, Technology Assistant
347-855-2238 x385
Carol Halfide-Torres, Social Worker
347-855-2238 x378
Linda Horn, Nurse
347-855-2238 x326
Priyanga Iddamalgoda, Director of Finance
347-855-2238 x354
Joseph Koelbel, Security
347-855-2238 x310
Audra Lessa, Front Desk
347-855-2238 x 100
Marigold Maratos, Finance Assistant
347-855-2238 x357
April Manzo, Nurse
347-855-2238 x105
Stephanie Mazzone, Special Education Coordinator Assistant
347-855-2238 x356
Kelly McNamara, College Advisor
347-855-2238 x344
Ryan Melis, Principal of New Ventures
347-855-2238 x384
Danielle Moorhouse, Operations Assistant
347-855-2238 x361
Paul Morgan, Director of Information Systems
347-855-2238 x381
John Nixon, Security
347-855-2238 x310
Yelena Osores, Director of Program Evaluation
347-855-2238 x379
Theresa Peterford, Vice President of Student Integration and Staff Career Development
347-855-2238 x365
Shanthi Ranatunga, Finance Assistant
347-855-2238 x375
Carla Rivera, Front Desk
347-855-2238 x300
Sharena Tirado, Technology Assistant
347-855-2238 x385
Maureen Tuppatsch, Food Service Manager
347-855-2238 x328
Susan Varvara, Director of Operations
347-855-2238 x355
Dana Volini, Vice President of Operations
347-855-2238 x353
Christopher Zilinski, Principal of Lavelle Prep Charter School
347-855-2238 x352
Jeremy Zilinski, Director of Security
347-855-2238 x310