5 Year Award Recipients to be Honored at 2018 Gala

Integration Charter Schools would like to celebrate the following employees who have completed 5 years of service within the organization.

left to right: William Mandile, Neil Winchell, Denise Principe, Christina Reale, Nichole Disalvo, Jessica Carnavas, Sean Fredericks, Steven Disalvo, Kelly McNamara, Hafida Zitouni and Brandon Burchman

These individuals will be honored along with our Champions of Education and Outstanding Teachers & TAs Of The Year at our annual gala on Wednesday, May 30th at 6pm at the Hilton Garden Inn.

  • Brandon Buchman
  • Jessica Carnavas
  • Nichole Davis
  • Steven Disalvo
  • Sean Fredericks
  • Wiliam Mandile
  • Christina May
  • Kelly McNamara
  • Denise Principe
  • Carla Rivera
  • Neil Winchel
  • Hafida Zitouni

Here’s what they had to say, in reflecting upon their past five years at Integration Charter Schools.

Working at ICS has truly been a blessing. I have grown both as an individual and a professional and I appreciate the trust administration has shown in me throughout the years. As an added bonus, this is where I met my wife and now I’m going to be a father!  To say ICS has had an impact on my life would be an understatement. I just want to thank all of my coworkers and administration for creating such a positive work environment and I look forward to doing more great things together in the future.” – William Mandile, Movement Teacher and After School Program Director

“Working at ICS has been a dream come true.  I have grown as an educator and built strong bonds with my peers and the students we serve.  I look forward to the next 5 years.”- Sean Fredericks, ESL and Movement Teacher

“Working at ICS the last five years has shown me what it really means to be a teacher.  In addition to being a teacher, my role also includes mentor, role model, and protector to look for signs of trouble in my class.  Since I came to ICS I have been promoted from TA to a teacher, the roles are completely different going from a support role as a TA to a leadership role as a teacher.  Last year was my first year as a teacher and I can say I have vastly grown in my second year of teaching from my first.  No matter all the training and mentoring you get before becoming a teacher nothing prepares you until you actually get into the classroom with the students.  Another thing that has changed since I started working at ICS is the school has grown from one school which had not had a graduating class to a school going on its third graduating class.  In addition, we have also added an elementary school to Lavelle and second high school.  The school has grown so much over the last five years and it is exciting to see where it will go in the future.” – Brandon Burchman, 7th Grade Movement Teacher

Working at ICS for 5 years gave me a new family, which I have grown more attached to every day goes by. With a welcoming atmosphere, supportive team and valuable feedback, I have built more confidence and success into many of my teaching practices. I’ve also been able to build better relationships with my students. I care a lot about them, and feel fulfilled with any success they achieve.”  – Hafida Zitouni, 7th Grade Math Teacher

“Steve Jobs has said, ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do.’  For the past 5 years, I have worked for an amazing charter School, Lavelle Prep. They are continually giving me their guidance and support to become a better educator everyday.  I have been in the education field for about 25 years, yet everyday, I am constantly learning on how to become a better teacher for my students.  ICS provides teachers and students with the caring and warmth that is so very much needed.  I love what I do and I’m so blessed and proud to be part of such an amazing school.  I will be receiving my Masters degree in Special Education this summer.”- Denise Principe, Elementary Teacher

“My experience at ICS over the past 5 years has been positive, productive, and rewarding. I continue to grow each year as an educator and develop my craft with the guidance and support of our amazing team. I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love in an environment that promotes growth, creativity and individuality.”- Steven Disalvo, HS ELA and Music Teacher


“Working for ICS has been a rewarding and unique experience.  Teaching was a career change for me and it was a decision I made after realizing I wanted to do more to help others. Here at Lavelle, I was able to realize my passion and I am constantly able to work on improving and growing as an educator.  I love working for Lavelle and the people I work with make it a great place to be. ” – Nichole Disalvo, 6th Grade ELA Teacher