A Day with Danielson

On Thursday, June 6th, Integration Charter Schools was proud to host “A Day with Danielson.”

Celebrating the culmination of ICS’ three-year Dissemination Grant, the morning began with interactive seminars and forums presented by ICS teachers partnered with local public school teachers.

The sessions were attended by 250 educators from PS44, IS27, PS78, Port Richmond High School, New Ventures, Lavelle Prep, and Nicotra Early College.

All topics were specifically geared towards a deeper understanding of the Danielson Framework for Teaching and featured smaller breakout sessions to create materials and strategies to help implement techniques that will lead to more success within the classrooms. 

Sessions included “A Strong September” — focusing on the importance of establishing classroom culture and behavior management from the first day of school, as well as “Grouping with Meaning” — how to strategically create small learning groups and pairs within the classroom based on data and ultimate learning goals.

Following the morning workshops, Charlotte Danielson, a world-renowned authority on teaching quality,  presented her work in a keynote address, followed by an interactive question and answer session for all teachers and administrators from both public and charter schools.

In sharing the story and motivation behind her incredibly successful work, Danielson said she was excited and proud to see the work being done and progress being made through the Dissemination Grant, and remarked on the complexity of the teaching profession.

Especially after witnessing the morning sessions first hand, Danielson said with a smile that she was, “confident in the quality of the work being done here on Staten Island.”

She also shared a quote from Lee Shulman, author of The Wisdom of Practice, that particularly resonated with the crowd of educators which read, “…I have concluded that classroom teaching…is perhaps the most complex, most challenging, and most demanding, subtle, nuanced, and frightening activity that our policies has ever invented.”

Throughout her presentation, Danielson also stressed that the Framework itself — which outlines specific categories of teaching, questioning, discussion and classroom culture — is not solely meant to be an evaluative tool but instead as a researched based, comprehensive guide to teaching efficiently.

This event beautifully illustrated ICS’ collaborative work with neighborhood public schools that resulted in building community, celebrating our achievement in working together and continuing our shared mission of providing quality education to all students.

Of the event, ICS’ Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Evelyn Finn, who coordinated the event along with Senior Educator Aimee Horowitz and the entire Dissemination Grant team said, “This was a shining moment for our schools, our community, and for all of us educators. We were brought together by a passion for better serving our students, and learning from the expert herself was a once in a lifetime experience.”

We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished with our partnering schools in the past three years and look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate and learn together.