A Time to Celebrate – 2017 Graduation Ceremonies

On Wednesday, June 28, 2017 Lavelle Prep and New Ventures celebrated a joint commencement ceremony at the Hilton Garden Inn. In its eighth school year, Lavelle Prep graduated its second class of 24 seniors, while New Ventures, in its second school year, graduated 27.

The combined 51 graduating seniors are now about to embark on a variety of endeavors, including attending college, embarking on new and exciting careers, and entering the next chapter of their lives as prepared, confident and accomplished young men and women.

“Twenty-seven proud students fulfilled their promise and graduated in the second year of New Ventures Charter School. Even students who earned their diploma earlier this year walked with their graduating class – to provide that once-in-a-lifetime memory for their families and themselves. Tearful hugs from parents who have renewed hope and faith in their children’s future. This day makes the labor of love all worthwhile,” New Ventures Principal Ron Gorsky said, reflecting upon the graduating class.

Valedictorian of Lavelle Prep, Jacqueline Torralba nostalgically reflected on her time at Lavelle by saying, “Each and every day we climb mountains, some higher that others, because of these teachers, and because of this school. We are here at graduation about to begin the next chapter of our lives. Remember these words: there is no such thing as failure, only learning experiences, so don’t stop, continue going even if others say otherwise, because we’re about to accomplish something that others couldn’t.”

In a similar sentiment, New Ventures Valedictorian Tea Amato shared in the honor, saying, “For me, personally I know I have been anticipating this moment for quite some time now. However, if you were to have asked me five years ago where I would be, I would have never said standing here in front of all of you, giving the valedictorian speech. This is truly an honor.”

The teachers and staff of both Lavelle Prep and New Ventures wish our graduating seniors nothing but the best, and cannot wait to see what they accomplish in their bright futures.