ICS Alumni Return for Back to School Panel

On Tuesday, September 3rd, ICS invited our alumni to participate in a panel for all ICS staff, prior to kicking off the 2019-2020 academic year.

We asked the returning former students to be candid in sharing what they enjoyed, and what they thought could be improved or changed from the honest eyes of a student. We hoped to grow and learn from their experiences.

New Ventures Graduates, brothers Chris and Rob Bennett, shared that New Ventures gave them a chance to finish high school. They had both attended a different, locally zoned high school and rarely showed up, lacking the motivation to even attend, let alone try to succeed.

However, upon enrolling in New Ventures they stated, “The staff there are like our second family. We will continue to keep coming back.”

An alumnus from Lavelle Prep, Alyssa Murphy, echoed a similar sentiment as classmate Erick Cruz said, “Lavelle is a family. Family helps each other. We could talk to the teachers about any problem or issue we were having. They never gave up on us and pushed us to do our best.”

This event was the first-ever alumni panel of its kind and it was quite powerful to hear meaningful and uplifting feedback directly from our students. 

We look forward to inviting our alumni back often as we continue to grow and learn together.