ICS Celebrates Women’s History Month

Students of Lavelle Prep take part in spreading awareness of Women’s rights.

Every year during the month of March, we have the chance to study, observe and celebrate the vital role of women in American History. 

This year, Integration Charter Schools (ICS) helped raise student awareness of women’s history through a variety of lessons, activities, presentations, and campaigns. 

In our elementary division, students under Ms. Katrina Winslow’s tutelage created banners and learned about the achievements of Harriet Tubman and Betsy Ross. 

“My mom always pushed me to do my best; to try new activities. Even if it didn’t work out, I had tried,” shared Winslow, “That’s why it was important for me to teach your daughters about the women who had the courage to face inequality head-on. It was women like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Charlotte Forten Grimke and others who helped to show future generations what they are capable of achieving. Today, women can enter into any field and take joy in their choices.

Senior students from Lavelle Prep Upper constituted to the celebration of Women’s History Month as a part of their community service course. Seniors researched and created bulletin board material for display in the halls to help their peers recognize women’s contribution to history and society.  

Students of New Ventures also honored Women’s History Month by recognizing the women who helped shape American culture through their contribution as performers and producers of popular music throughout the decades. Students engaged in the work of artists such as Aretha Franklin, Annie Lennox, Carole King, and Madonna to explore the influence of women in popular music from famous “firsts” to current issues.

At Nicotra Early College Charter School, the celebration of women achievement and history kicked off with an enriching start. Students explored women’s history through the writing of Sojourner Truth; particularly her Ain’t I A Woman speech at an 1855 women’s rights rally. 

All students from the Nicotra Early College Charter School wrote a response to Sojourner Truth while a few other students performed a tribute to Truth’s speech.  

Students of ICS also had several speakers come into the classrooms to speak on behalf of women’s rights and women’s history. Students of Lavelle were visited by Staten Island Museum Curator, Gabriella Leone, who  discussed her research on the Suffrage Movement and the mark it left on Staten Island. This opportunity exposed students to a local perspective of an important historical event. 

Though March has ended, and along with it the official celebration of Women’s History Month, ICS students will move forward in the coming months learning how our common history and society have been shaped and made better by the contributions of women.