ICS’s Security Team Provides Superior Safety and Security

School safety and security has always been a top priority of all ICS schools, as it should be everywhere. Our commitment to this mission is most evident within the individuals whom make up our experienced team of security officers.

Comprised of seven security guards covering the three schools, the members of the ICS Security are all retired NYPD officers –  including retired sergeants, detectives, and officers – a drastic difference from the earliest beginnings of Lavelle Prep. In our earliest stages, we employed only one security officer for grades 6-8, who ironically left us to join the NYPD.

Left to right: Mike Piazza, Ernest Washington, Joe Avitto, Roger Perez, John Nixon and Jeremy Zilinski

As the organization grew, so did security needs, and thus – a dynamic, talented division was born.

Working together to provide a secure and safe location while also managing the immediate facility needs, officers Jeremy Zilinski, Joe Avitto, John Nixon, Joe Koelbel, Ernest Washington, Mike Piazza and Roger Perez are a strong presence throughout Lavelle Prep Elementary, Upper and New Ventures. With six years under his belt at ICS,  Director Jeremy Zilinski stresses that their work is “all about the kids.”

“I really love dealing with the kids, we all do. Even in the most difficult situations, which thankfully there are not many of, our primary concern is always the welfare of our students,” he says.

As opposed to the traditional DOE model of employing a school safety officer, this collaborative team of retired NYPD officers works together daily to both prevent and solve any school safety related issues, while being trained in CPR and certified first responders. Zilinski explains, “Parents and families should take solace in the fact that their children are being watched over by the most experienced school safety team in the city.”

Especially within the current climate, where school safety and security is perhaps more paramount than ever before, ICS is extremely proud to have this experienced and dedicated  team ensuring the safety of our students and staff each day.