Meet Our December Teachers, TA’s, and Support Staff of the Month!

This December, Integration Charter Schools educators and support staff went above and beyond to create an enriching learning experience for our student body. Our December teachers, teacher assistants, and support staff members of the month surpassed our expectations and created an immersive educational experience for our students, staff and all involved in the ICS family.

Tatiana Reinosa, December Teacher Assistant of the Month

From Lavelle Prep Elementary, ICS recognizes Tatiana Reinosa and Melinda Moya for December Teachers of the Month. Reinosa and Moya were deeply honored when they received the honor. “It was definitely a surprise,” Said Reinosa, “I was honored to be chosen by my fellow coworkers and it’s nice to know that the hard work is paying off.”

Melinda Moya, December Teacher of the month

Melinda Moya, who has been teaching at ICS for over 8 years responded: “I love how everyone at ICS collaborates in order to be able to develop individualized plans for all our students’ needs and abilities”.

Shree Mieles, December Teacher Assistant of the Month

From Lavelle Prep Upper, ICS recognizes Lee Poerio, Souad Outarid, and Dilek Humusoglu. Poerio, Outarid, and Humusoglu have gone to great lengths to bring unique and interactive learning experiences for their respective drama and mathematics classes.

Yolanda Trockel, December Teacher Assistant of the Month
Lee Poerio, December Teacher Assistant of the Month

“I want to thank my fellow ICS coworkers that they become friends, and family for their recognition.” Shared Outarid, “I take my job very seriously, I love what I do and I take pride in my work. My students and I have mutual respect, and because of that I always vibe well with them in the classroom and outside the classroom.  ICS helps me grow and challenge myself, teamwork environment kept me give 100% to my work and to my students every day.”

Souad Outarid, December Teacher of the Month

Also from Lavelle Prep Upper, we recognize Jessica Fucci, Margarita Cortes, and Yvette Zuckerman as December’s Teacher Assistant of the Month. Fucci, Cortes, and Zuckerman play an unparalleled role in the classroom as a Teacher Assistant. “I feel very honored to receive this recognition,” shared Fucci. “I think it’s so nice that ICS recognizes people and it really makes us feel appreciated. I love working with small groups of students to help them on an individual level and I get really happy when I see the great progress that students make. I also love seeing the growth in the students that are now in high school that I started with when they were in 7th grade.”

Dilek Humusoglu, December Teacher of the Month
Yvette Zuckerman, December Teacher Assistant of the Month
Amelia DePompo, December Teacher of the Month

From New Ventures Charter School, ICS recognizes Amelia DePompo and Sofie Palaj as December’s Teacher of the Month. DePompo and Palaj have made incredible strides in their classroom to ensure that every student is heard and valued. DePompo, who is also the Director of Academic Guidance and Internship Coordinator at New Ventures, said that she felt pride when she learned that her coworkers had nominated her for teacher of the month. “No job is too small and no dream is too big. I think these are two things we take for granted. Everyone who has a hand in shaping ICS is valued for their contributions. Dreaming big opens pathways to the continued success of ICS.”

Sofie Palaj, December Teacher of the month

Palaj, who has been a member of the ICS family for a little over two years said that she feels very privileged to work at ICS. “My favorite part about being a teacher is teaching the students and always trying new resources and strategies to accommodate students with special needs.

I have learned that to be a great teacher takes the consistency of hard work and openness to feedback from administration and other teachers.”

Also from New Ventures, we recognize Charles Mosner and Michelle Lagana as December’s Teacher Assistant of the month! From The Lois & Richard Nicotra Charter School, ICS recognizes Alvin Hillary as December’s Teacher of the Month and Rawan Husein December’s Teacher Assistant of the Month.

Audra Lessa, December Support Staff of the Month

Starting this December, in addition to our teacher and teacher assistants of the month, we also will be recognizing the incredible support staff of our school. This month we honor Audra Lessa and Shannon Crisalli. Audra Lessa, the elementary operation assistant, has been a member of the ICS family for almost three years. “I am so happy and very grateful to have been recognized for this award.” She stated. “There is no better feeling than that of appreciation. I love my elementary students and all of the talented teachers/staff that I work with. We have become a family and I consider many of them close friends. I love working here because I get to do a little of everything and I get to see all of the amazing things that go on here at the Elementary Trailers. Our teachers are truly amazing and care so much about their students!”

Shannon Crisalli, December Support Staff Member of the Month

On behalf of everyone at ICS, we are so proud of our esteemed staff and we can not wait to see what they will do next!