President Ken Byalin Featured in Thrive Global

ICS President Ken Byalin was recently featured in Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global, where he was interviewed on his personal meditation practice as part of Clay Hamilton’s ongoing series, How Do /You/ Meditate?”

In the feature, Ken discussed his personal meditation practices while also providing advice for beginning and novice sitters alike.

Ken took the time to clarify his Zen practice and meditation. He said, “Zen is not guided meditation. Many people think Zen practice is about finding a moment of peaceful relaxation in the midst of life’s turbulence. That’s not it for me. Kyudo Roshi said, “If you want to relax, watch television.” I sit to make peace with my demons. The principle instruction, “Sit still, shut up.” Impulses arise. Do nothing. Just sit.

He also shared that by practicing meditation, “There is a lot more peace in my life.”

Ken shares how his Zen practice influences ICS in his biweekly blog entitled The Zen of Charter Schools.