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Integration Charter Schools is a network of K-12 public schools in central Staten Island that provides innovative educational pathways to diverse learners.

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We are dedicated to providing innovative pathways to college and career that fully integrate students living with diverse learning needs. Each student’s personalized plan speaks to their individual academic, professional, and personal goals.
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At Integration Charter Schools, small class sizes, a social-emotional wellness program and opportunities to take college classes in high school create a program unlike any other in Staten Island. Find your child’s unique path to success at one of our four K-12 charter schools.




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Integration Charter Schools (ICS) includes four charters, each with a unique focus offering students opportunities to develop their personal learning pathways coupling strong academic goals with social-emotional support.

Lavelle Preparatory Charter School

Grades K-12
Lavelle Prep offers an elementary, middle and high school program, all in one place. Our strong core academic curriculum is paired with a robust social-emotional wellness program in small class sizes. Once your child is accepted, they stay with us through high school graduation.
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Richmond Preparatory Charter School

Grades 6-12
Staten Island's first computer science-focused program combines a college preparatory curriculum with the opportunity to earn professional computer science certifications. Richmond Prep welcomes all students, including those that are living on the autism spectrum.
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The Early College Charter School

Grades 8-12
Staten Island's first true early college high school partners with the College of Staten Island and Monroe College to offer students the opportunity to earn tuition-free college credits while earning their high school diploma.
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New Ventures Charter School

Ages 16-21
New Ventures is a top performing transfer charter high school in New York State. Our personalized curriculum is offered in a warm and nurturing environment to under-credited, disconnected youth pairing academics with internships and fieldwork outside the school building.
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Familiarize yourself with our programs to find the right ICS school that's the right fit for your child. Read about our schools, watch a tour video, attend an open house or speak to our recruitment team.
Visit the application portal to create an account. Fill out the forms and submit your application.
After we run our lottery in April, you will receive either a seat offer or a waitlist number. Once you receive your seat offer, submit your registration forms.


Our students and teachers create a vibrant and inclusive community

News & Events

Empowering Our Community: Celebrating Black History Month

As we embrace the significance of Black History Month, it is essential to recognize the extraordinary achievements and lasting impact that black individuals have had on America. This month provides a valuable opportunity to educate our children, fostering an environment that acknowledges the contributions of black pioneers and amplifies the voices that continue to shape […]
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Navigating Defiant Behaviors: Strengthening Parent-Child Bonds

We understand that navigating the journey of parenting can be challenging, especially when faced with defiant behaviors from our young ones or any age. In this communication, we aim to provide insights and strategies to manage these situations while nurturing and strengthening the bond with your child. Understanding Defiance: Children often express their emotions through […]
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Empowering Your Child's Academic Success: A Mid-Year Guide for Parents

As we navigate the second half of the academic year, it's crucial to reinforce positive homework and study habits for your child's success. Here are some tips to create an optimal learning environment and set the foundation for future academic achievements: 1. Establish a Consistent Routine: Design a daily schedule that includes dedicated study time, breaks, and […]
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ICS Career Day

On Wednesday, we successfully hosted our inaugural ICS-Wide Career Day, highlighting the dynamic professional landscape of Staten Island and inspiring our students to dream a bright future. 💡💭 With more than 30 esteemed guest speakers participating, representing diverse fields across the local community, our students were given a unique and valuable opportunity to explore varying […]
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Lavelle Elementary Chorus Performs at Eger Nursing Home 🎶

This week, the Lavelle Elementary Chorus showcased their musical talent at Eger Nursing Home, bringing holiday joy to the assisted living facility through uplifting song and dance. Following their performance, our students gifted the residents hand-crafted cards with thoughtful messages of kindness to brighten their day. This trip was a beautiful reminder of music's power in bridging generations and […]
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Lavelle High School Winter Dance❄️☃️

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ICS Named Semi-Finalists at SuitUp's "Battle of the Boroughs" Competition 🏆

Our high school students at Lavelle Preparatory Charter School and the Early College Charter School proudly represented Staten Island this week in the "Battle of the Boroughs" competition hosted by SuitUp and the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business. With hundreds of participants from across New York City, the contest aims to inspire more students, particularly those from […]
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NCBA All-American Boxer Visits Lavelle Prep

Our third-grade students were visited by an inspiring special guest, Boyd "Rainmaker" Melson, a gold medalist in the World Military Boxing Championship and a three-time NCBA All-American boxer. Melson shared that his motivation is his girlfriend, who, due to a severe car accident, is now in a wheelchair. He donates his earnings from boxing matches to […]
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Lavelle Visits CHANEL, Inc. Headquarters for Career Workshop

Lavelle Preparatory Charter middle school students were given the incredible opportunity to step into the shoes of a fashion entrepreneur at this week's career workshop hosted by CHANEL, Inc.  Our students were introduced to the industry through insightful presentations, engaging skill-development activities, and a walk-through of CHANEL headquarters. This field trip provided valuable exposure for […]
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Potential Bus Strike

In preparation for the potential bus strike, we encourage families to keep an eye out for updates from both our school as well as New York City officials.  If there is a strike, parents and guardians will be notified by automated call, email, and text. A second notification will be sent on the first morning of interrupted […]
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Our First-Ever Back-to-School Pantry

Over 50 ICS families stopped by the CC3 parking lot this week for our first-ever pantry! Through generous donations, we provided our students with food, products, school supplies, and other essentials needed for a successful school year. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back to our school community and are looking forward to […]
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Thank You for the Support! 15 x 15 Fundraiser Results

Thanks to the overwhelming support of our donors, our 15x15 campaign raised an astounding $30,943 in just two weeks! We are looking forward to sharing the new and exciting initiatives that come from our fundraiser. Once again, a huge and heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who made this incredible achievement possible! Although […]
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Lavelle Prep Honored as Top High School by U.S. News and World Report

Integration Charter Schools is proud to announce that Lavelle Preparatory Charter School has earned a national ranking in the top 40% of Best High Schools, according to U.S. News and World Report. The annual list includes data on nearly 25,000 public high schools in the United States, including charter, magnet, science, technology, engineering, and math-focused […]
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Our 15 x 15 Fundraising Campaign is Officially Live!

We have just 15 days to come together as a community to raise $150,000 for our school population of 1,500+ students. The challenge is on! Invest in Education - Five Ways to Get Involved: 1. Become a Team Captain: Gather your friends, family, and co-workers to join your team in support of the Integration Charter […]
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