Spotlight: Dean Gutic

Where are you now? 

Freshman at Ithaca College

What was the transition from highschool to college like? 

Transitioning from Lavelle Prep to Ithaca College wasn’t easy, but I also wouldn’t say it was hard. Going to Ithaca College and being a first generation student, as the first to leave the family, I was a little “shook.”  I didn’t know what to expect, who I would meet, how to approach all of these new people, and how I was going to adjust to this new college life. I didn’t know where my classes were, where the dining halls were, and I didn’t meet my professor yet. I was nervous.

But, with great advice from my family, friends and former teachers, I remained calm, found my way, met new people and made new friends. I met my professors and I found my classes. I struggled, though, with thinking, “How am I going to do this by myself?” But then I realized, it was time to stop relying on others and to start doing things myself. I became more comfortable with my surroundings, and living on my own in my dorm. As the days went by, I learned a lot more. The beginning was difficult getting adjusted, and even with my grades a bit, but as the semester went on and I gained more experience, I went to tutoring sessions, got help from my  professors, and worked really hard on my own. I am now a better writer, and I understand my future industry of sports broadcasting more and more each day. 

What’s the biggest challenge you faced so far? 

I would say time management at first. As the days went on, the work got harder, but I learned to better manage my time and I got to experience more. Managing my time better helped me to prepare for finals, and the future. 

What is the biggest lesson you have learned so far? 

It’s all about knowing people, knowing your resources, gaining experience, and knowing your work. Also, it’s okay to have a slow start. It’s a strong finish that matters the most. 

What do you think all high school seniors should know about the “real world”? 

Going to Lavelle from 6-12th grade, I had such a wonderful and strong support system.. But when you’re in college, there’s nobody to hold  your hand or bai you out. You gotta do it yourself and do all of your work. No late work is accepted in my field of study and it’s all about your work being thorough and on time. It’s all about starting your career and getting your feet wet early.

Would you like to shout out any ICS staff?

I’d specifically love to thank Mr. Mandile for setting me up for success.

I’d also love to thank all of  my great teachers in Lavelle for helping me prepare and becoming a better person, sticking with me and helping me become a better student along with the rest of the students too. These teachers helped me to find myself as I grew up.

What is your best advice to all ICS students, current and former? 

My advice is to chase your dream or your passion just like I did. My genuine love for sports got me here and it has, so far, made me who I am today. Find something you want to do. Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t like or be something that you aren’t. Keep doing you. Keep the grades up. Get started soon in the work world with an internship or by volunteering. Oh, and buy your books early!