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Are you ready to begin your journey of empowering and uplifting this generation of leaders?

Integration Charter Schools is dedicated to pioneering innovative educational pathways tailored to the unique needs of diverse learners. 

Our dynamic team, comprised of passionate teachers, highly skilled instructional staff, and dedicated support professionals, collaboratively work towards creating an inclusive and enriching learning environment for our school community. 

with ICS

ICS teachers have the opportunity to receive a post-graduate certificate in educational leadership with the College of Staten Island. We offer financial support up to 50% of tuition for teaching assistants and school aides who pursue their teaching certification in special education.*
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All ICS campuses create a consistent, warm, safe community in which students, staff, and families can thrive. We do this by rooting our actions in our core values:


Speaking and acting with kindness and conviction toward all members of our school team (students, staff, and families)
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Collaboration with fellow staff, families, and students to uphold norms and common goals.


Upholding all school policies to communicate our belief that all students are capable of meeting high standards.


Engaging in meaningful dialogue with fellow colleagues and other members of our community to maintain accountability in our shared mission.




Years in operation




Elevate your work experience at Integration Charter Schools:

  • Highly competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits package
  • Additional salary increment for dual-certified teachers
  • Weekly half day schedule for embedded professional development and planning
  • Unique class model (small class sizes, co-taught classes)
  • Teacher assistant tuition assistance
  • Summer professional development program for new teachers, with compensation
  • Coaching, mentoring, and professional support for new teachers
  • Opportunities for advancement into school leadership positions

Find your community of lifelong learners

At ICS, we offer ongoing professional development, training, and embedded coaching to continually evolve on your educational journey. Our enriching PD events bring our staff together for insightful content and dynamic training sessions as well as fun, recreational activities.
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