Alawatta, Chathurika, Accounting Associate
347-855-2238 x407
Avitto, Joseph A., Assistant Director of Security
347-855-2238 x310
Bartley, Elaine, External Affairs Coordinator
347-855-2238 x377
Byalin, Kenneth, Founder and President Emeritus
347-855-2238 x351
Carara, Ronald, Vice President of Human Resources
347-855-2238 x410
Cardona, Toneakqua, Social Worker
347-855-2238 x344
Carnavas, Jessica, Principal of Nicotra Early College
Celletti, Erin, Director of Communications
347-855-2238 x382
Chaudhry, Rafia, Psychologist
Chen, Priscilla, Assistant Director of Counseling
347-855-2238 x369
Colon, Jessica, Facilities Coordinator
347-855-2238 x310
Cottingham, Mary, Chief Operating Officer
347-855-2238 x359
Crisalli, Shannon, Social Worker
347-855-2238 x103
Cruz, Irma, Operations Assistant
347-855-2238 x358
Curran, Jenna, Co-Principal of Lavelle Prep Elementary Division
347-855-2238 x101
D'Amato, Suzanne, Human Resources Assistant
347-855-2238 x383
DePompo, Ameila, Assistant Principal of New Ventures
347-855-2238 x379
DiSalvo, Diane, Vice President of Mental Health
347-855-2238 x371
Faicco, Lori, Social Worker
347-855-2238 x368
Guagliardo, Jodi, Director of External Relations
Halfhide-Torres, Carol, Social Worker
Hewawasam, Pabasara, ICS Receptionist
347-855-2238 x300
Harrell, Sean, ICS President
Hillary, Jacqueline, Principal of Lavelle Prep Middle School Division
Iddamalgoda, Priyanga, Controller
347-855-2238 x354
Koelbel, Joseph, Security Officer
347-855-2238 x310
LaMarca, Alexa, Operations Assistant
347-855-2238 x395
Lessa, Audra, Principal's Assistant of Lavelle Prep Elementary
347-855-2238 x100
Lipschitz, Jonathan, Vice President of Finance
347-855-2238 x417
LoCasto, Samantha, External Affairs Assistant
347-855-2238 x420
LoSavio, Alison, Co-Principal of Lavelle Prep Elementary Division
347-855-2238 x102
Mannino, Gina, Student Services Assistant
347-855-2238 x418
Maratos, Marigold, Accounting Assistant
347-855-2238 x357
Martinez, Erica, Data Assistant
347-855-2238 x396
Mazza, Kristina, Assistant Principal of Lavelle Prep Middle School Division
347-855-2238 x406
Mazzone, Stephanie, Student Services Coordinator
347-855-2238 x356
Melis, Ryan. Principal of New Ventures
347-855-2238 x384
Moran, Max, Social Worker
347-855-2238 x366
Morgan, Paul, Senior Information Technology Manager
347-855-2238 x381
Owususekyere, Ebenezer, ICS Community Liaison
Patel, Chirayu, Senior Accounting Associate
Peterford, Theresa, Vice President of Education
Ranatunga, Shanti, Accounting Associate
347-855-2238 x375
Ratel, Catherine, Psychologist
Rexha, Dhurata, Principal of Lavelle Prep High School Division
347-855-2238 x416
Rexha, Rei, IT Specialist
347-855-2238 x415
Rivera, Carla, Principal's Assistant of Lavelle Prep Middle and High School
347-855-2238 x300
Rodriguez, Tracey, Principal's Assistant of Nicotra Early College
Ruggiero, Christiana, Communications & External Relations Coordinator
347-855-2238 x419
Sabsovich-Osores, Yelena, Director of Program Evaluation
347-855-2238 x374
Santiago, Joe, Senior IT Specialist
Somma, Nadine, Social Worker
347-855-2238 x103
Tirado, Sharena, IT Specialist
347-855-2238 x385
Torres, George, Social Worker
347-855-2238 x367
Varvara, Susan, Director of Operations
347-855-2238 x355
Wittlin, Valerie, Principal's Assistant of New Ventures
347-855-2238 x376
Yung, Ho Chun (Kelvin), Systems Analyst
347-855-2238 x394
Zilinski, Christopher, Principal of Richmond Prep
347-855-2238 x352
Zilinski, Jeremy , Vice President of Security and Facilities
347-855-2238 x310
Zitouni, Hafida, Assistant Principal of Nicotra Early College