Lois & Richard Nicotra Early College Charter School

The Lois & Richard Nicotra Early College Charter School’s mission is to promote an accelerated pathway to higher education, enabling students to graduate from high school with a Regents Diploma and as many as 60 college credits from St. John’s University, greatly increasing the likelihood of college graduation. Students will be admitted in both 8th and 9th grades and the school welcomes all students, including those living with emotional challenges. The school is opening this July.

The academic program is divided into two components, college preparation and early college. Throughout grades 8-10, students will prepare for success within the college experience by taking prerequisite courses required for Regents diplomas and to prepare for college level academics. The early college component will begin as early as 11th grade, when students will begin attending college courses for credit at St. John’s University. By graduation, Nicotra students will have had the opportunity to earn up to 60 college credits, with career emphasis within the criminal justice and business fields.

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