Sean Harrell

President of Integration Charter Schools, Sean Harrell believes firmly in inspiring every scholar to dream bigger, work harder, and care more. With over a decade of experience as a school-based and district leader, Harrell has honed his nurturing approach in providing educators with the operational, curriculum, and youth development supports needed to maximize the organization’s mission and vision. After serving as a classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal, and on the school district level as the director of academic policy, accountability, and innovation,  Harrell founded and serves as executive director of the Progressive Educators Group, which is a consortium of educators charged with rethinking education and developing culturally relevant curricula and school processes to drive student achievement. Through Progressive Educators Group, Harrell has served as a thought partner to over two dozen charter schools and youth development-based non-profits. In January 2022, Harrell founded the app EdSwipe! an innovative solution to teacher and school leader recruitment. Harrell is trained in the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Program, Reggio Emilia, Wilson Reading, and Children’s Defense Fund’s Restorative Practices.

Kenneth Byalin, Ph.D.

Dr. Kenneth Byalin, Founder and President Emeritus, has broad experience in organizational leadership and education, as well as in mental health as a manager in the New York State Office of Mental Health and as a psychotherapist in private practice. Dr. Byalin earned a Ph.D. in Sociology from New York University, a MS in Social Work from Columbia University, and a BA in English from Carleton College. Dr. Byalin is also a Zen teacher in the lineage of Bernie Glassman.

Mary Cottingham

Mary Cottingham is the Senior Vice President of Integration Charter Schools.  She joined Lavelle Prep in 2010 as Events Coordinator after receiving her Bachelor of Science in Business from the College of Staten Island.  Mary has served as a key member of both the Operations & Development teams, HR Recruiter, Liaison to the Board of Trustees, Coordinator of Special Projects for the organization and as Vice President of External Affairs. Mary’s previous career was in College Recruiting for the investment firm Merrill Lynch.  Mary earned her Executive MBA from Wagner College in 2019.

Ronald Carara

Ronald Carara is the Vice President of Human Resources at Integration Charter Schools. He joined ICS as Director of Human Resources in January 2019.  He received his bachelors of science degree in Business Management from St. John’s University.  Ron brings with him 30 years of human resources and administrative experience, as well as a passion for working with people, from both the city and federal levels and is committed to the ICS mission.


Diane DiSalvo

Diane DiSalvo is the Vice President of Mental Health at Integration Charter Schools. She is a  Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 30 years of experience working with youth and families. She earned a BA in Psychology from New York University and a Masters in Social Work from Fordham University. Diane was previously the Chief of the Children and Youth Service at South Beach Psychiatric Center, and joined the ICS staff in 2015 as the Director of Counseling.

Jonathan Lipschitz

Jonathan Lipschitz  CPA is the Vice President of Finance at Integration Charter Schools. In March 2020, he became Director of Finance of ICS.  His most recent experience has been as Director of Financial Planning and Strategy for the largest minority Community Bank in the U.S.  He has an extensive background as CFO and Controller of various banks including a Staten Island Community Bank responsible for financial reporting, internal controls, various financial regulatory audits and management of accounting staff.  Prior to that, Jonathan has had a successful career of more than 20 years at JP Morgan Chase where he had roles as CFO and Controller of various business units gaining a broad band of accounting and management experience.  Jonathan has previously been Co-Chairman of the Board for Integration Charter Schools and Chairman of the Board for New Ventures Charter School where he gained a deep passion for ICS.  Jonathan has a bachelor of science degree in Accounting from Ithaca College and is a Certified Public Accountant.      

Theresa Peterford

Reporting directly to the President, the Vice President of Education oversees all educational areas of ICS, including school leadership. Theresa works collaboratively with administrative, student services and counseling teams to ensure full compliance with federal and state mandates. She is also responsible for program evaluation and overseeing appropriate improvement planning for educational areas in need of improvement. Additionally, Theresa ensures that each school within the organization maintains a commitment to the key educational design elements set forth in their NYSED authorized charter, including the full integration of students with disabilities and other challenges.

Jeremy Zilinski

Jeremy ZIlinski is the Vice President of Security and Facilities at Integration Charter Schools. He is a retired from the NYPD in 2009, and first joined the organization in 2012 as a part-time security guard. In 2013, he became the Head of Security and his role has now evolved to the Director of Security and Facility Management. Jeremy supervises all security staff and ensures all facility work, maintenance and expansion are performed in a professional, quality and timely manner.

Chris Zilinski

Chris Zilinski joined Lavelle Prep in 2009 as a classroom teacher. During his time at Lavelle Prep he taught History, Visual Arts, Middle School English and High School English. In 2010, Chris assumed the role of Team Leader, in 2013 he became the Assistant Principal, and in 2014 he became the Principal of Middle and High Schools. Chris has an undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh, a graduate degree from the College of Staten Island, and a post-graduate certificate from the College of St. Rose. He is now currently serving as the Founding Principal of Richmond Preparatory Charter School.

Jenna Curran

Jenna Curran has been with ICS for 11 years, having begun as a teaching assistant, and working through positions including Mathematics Teacher and 6th Grade Team Leader for six years. After serving as the Elementary Divisions founding Assistant Principal for three years, she is now the Principal of the Elementary Division, where she manages the operations, instruction, and function of the school on a daily basis, ensuring all students are prepared for, and provided with, opportunities for academic success.

Ryan Melis

Ryan Melis is the Principal at New Ventures Charter School. Ryan is in his 10th year under the ICS umbrella, with his first 5 years working at Lavelle Preparatory Charter School. He has held many positions since starting his career including Teacher’s Assistant, Teacher, Athletic Director, After School Program Director, and Grade Leader. 

Dhurata Rexha

Dhurata Rexha is the Principal of Lavelle Prep High School. She has been with ICS since 2009 and has taught middle and high school mathematics courses. In her role as Math Coach for Lavelle Prep beginning in 2011, she supervised and mentored mathematics teachers in their daily instruction while also creating supportive learning environments to deepen student engagement and learning. Mrs. Rexha received her first B.A. in History and her second B.A. in Mathematics. She earned her first M.S.Ed. in Education from CSI and as a recipient of a Race to the Top Grant she received a second M.S.Ed. in School and Building Leadership from Wagner College. As the Assistant Principal for Nicotra Early College, she worked closely with Principal Joseph Zaza, and is now the Principal of Lavelle Prep High School Division, where she provides students with an atmosphere conducive to collegiate learning that encourages high levels of performance and enables students to become active, caring global citizens.

Alison LoSavio

Alison Losavio is the co-principal of Lavelle Prep Elementary division and first began with Lavelle Prep Middle School as a teaching assistant over 8 years ago. She has a BA in Science Letters & Society (Education) from The College of Staten Island, MS in Childhood Education/Teaching Students with Disabilities from Touro College, and both a School Building Leadership and District Leader Advanced Certificate from the College of St. Rose. Alison considers Lavelle Elementary to be her second home and cherishes the opportunity to interact and build relationships with students, staff, families, and the community.

Jessica Carnavas

Jessica Carnavas is the Principal for Nicotra Early College Charter School. She began her career at ICS 9 years ago at Lavelle Prep teaching science. Throughout her years at ICS, she has been the 8th-grade team leader and science coach liaison. She earned her first Master’s Degree from Wagner College in General and Special Education. After a few years, she went back to school and received her second Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences and most recently completed the School Building Leadership program from CSI.  She is very excited to make this division of ICS her home and help foster the ICS Values here.

Souad Outarid

Souad Outarid is the Assistant Principal of Lavelle Preparatory High School. She began with Lavelle Prep 10 years ago as a student teacher and become one of the math teachers. She wore multiple hats including testing coordinator, teachers mentor, team leader, and school coordinator. Mrs. Outarid graduated from the Teacher Education Honors Academy at the College of Staten Island. She received her B.A. in Mathematics with a concentration in Mathematics Education for students 7-12.  She earned her Master of Science in Education from CSI. She completed her certification in special education and a post-graduate certificate from the College of Saint Rose. Mrs. Outarid’s vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more, and a leader that leads with heart.

Amelia DePompo
Amelia DePompo is the Assistant Principal of New Ventures Charter School. She began with New Ventures five years ago as a founding English Language Arts teacher. She held various positions including Internship Coordinator, Academic Advisor, and School Coordinator while creating community partnerships and postsecondary opportunities for students. Mrs. DePompo received her B.A. in English with a concentration in Education for students grades 7 – 12 from The College of Staten Island. She earned her M.S. Ed in Special Education grades K – 12 from Western Governors University. As a former transfer school student herself, Mrs. DePompo understands the importance and value of having our youth earn a high school diploma and is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.
Omri Shick

Omri Shick is the Founding Assistant Principal of Richmond Prep Charter School. Omri had many positions within the Integration Charter School organization, including Chemistry and Math teacher, school programmer, and high school team leader.  

Omri Shick is also an active professor in the College of Staten Island for future teachers. Shick is the recipient of the College of Staten Island Research Award, and is the first author of the paper, “The Effect of Short Mathematics Instruction in High School Chemistry Course on Student Chemistry Achievement,” which has been accepted as a full paper at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual meeting. Omri also published another case study research that was presented at the SITE conference.

Jodi Guagliardo

Jodi Guagliardo serves as the Director of External Relations at Integration Charter Schools.  She has more than 25 years of non-profit and development experience, including 11 years as Executive Director and Associate Director of the March of Dimes Staten Island Division and more than 15 years as Vice President of Events and Fundraising at the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation. Currently, Jodi oversees the Integration Charter Schools community partnerships and is dedicated to the organization’s overall mission in serving the Staten Island community. Jodi holds a leadership role in the Staten Island Community Transformation initiative with the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation in the education stream of influence.

Priyanga Iddamalgoda

Priyanga Iddamalgoda is the Controller for ICS. She has been with John W. Lavelle Charter school as the Director of Finance for seven years, and is now the Controller for Integration Charter Schools. She is a proud alumna of the prestigious eMBA program at Wagner College and the College of Staten Island.

Susan Varvara

Susan Varvara has been with the organization since 2011 and has been promoted to increasingly higher levels of responsibilities during her career with the organization. In her role as Director of Operations, she oversees the Lottery process, Student Registration, and Student Transportation for all ICS schools. Susan has continued to both ensure and maintain the operational integrity of the functions that involve both students and staff.

Erin Celletti

Erin Nicole Celletti is the Director of Communications for Integration Charter Schools. She earned a BA in Journalism from Quinnipiac University, a MS.E.d. in Childhood and Special Education from St. John’s University, and as a recipient of a Race to the Top Grant, she received a second MS.Ed. in School and Building Leadership from Wagner College. Serving as both 6th and 7th-grade team leader throughout 5 years of leadership, she has also taught ELA, Orton Gillingham and Journalism courses for six years, since beginning at Lavelle Prep as a teaching assistant in 2011. Erin now oversees the writing, editing, content creation, media relations and various other communications responsibilities at ICS.

Priscilla Chen

Priscilla Chen is the Assistant Director of the counseling department at ICS and is a Licenced Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience in the mental health field. She received her BA in Human Services and Human Resources Management from Boston College. Then Ms. Chen went on to Columbia University to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work. As a social worker, she has worked as an outpatient therapist and supervisor at the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services on Staten Island. Joining the ICS team in 2016, she worked as the 7th-grade counselor during the day and a high school counselor in New Ventures during the evening. In 2019 she was then promoted to the Assistant Director of Counseling. Priscilla currently is the McKinney Vento Liaison and is the field placement and program coordinator for master level social work and psychology interns placed at ICS. 

Florence Guarnera

Florence Guarnera has been working at Integration Charter Schools for 5 years. Her time at ICS has been nothing but inspirational. She started off her journey as a Teacher’s Assistant, then moved into a teacher’s position to teach English Language Arts, and she is now the Director of Special Education for Integration Charter Schools. Florence has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and has obtained her master’s degree in Teaching Students with Disabilities for grades 7-12.  She has a deep passion for guiding her students towards the right path to help them achieve their personal and academic goals.

Yelena Osores

Yelena Osores first began her career with ICS at Lavelle Prep in September 2010 as a 7th grade science teacher. During her time at Lavelle Prep, she grew into leadership roles including science coach and team leader, as well as high school science teacher. In 2015, she joined the New Ventures team as a science teacher and in 2017 became the Director of Academic Guidance. In 2018 she then took over the role of Director of Program Evaluation. In this role, she is responsible for acquiring and compiling data to be used in evaluating the various programs as well as to be used in informing academic decision making.

Crystal Rios

Crystal Rios is the Director of Wellness at ICS. She holds a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Education and English Literature from the College of Staten Island, and she is an RYT certified Yoga Instructor. Crystal has been a part of Integration Charter Schools since 2015 where she began as an English and Wellness teacher at New Ventures Charter school and continues to hold the role of a Wellness coach. Crystal’s work at ICS centers on monitoring diversity, and creating and developing programs that promote equity and inclusion. In addition, she supports various groups by providing Wellness and professional support in order to foster healing and productivity. Crystal believes that education can be a space where compassion, healing, and justice are ever-present.

Metin Capani

Joining the ICS team in July 2022 as the Director of Accounting Policies, Metin Capani brings more than 20 years experience managing the financial health of companies in various industries. Recently, he was Director of Finance at Success Academies Charter Schools. With a focus on innovation and operational excellence, he has held financial leadership roles with various manufacturing, real estate and not-for-profit companies. Metin earned his BBA degree in Accounting from Pace University and is currently pursuing his MBA with Boston University. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Global Management Accountant.

Diane Norato

Diane Norato is the Assistant Director of Operations Food Services at Integration Charter Schools. Previously supervisor of food services, Diane started at our organization as a food server. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Brooklyn College.