About New Ventures Charter School

Ranked as a top-performing alternative high school in New York State, New Ventures Charter School offers a fresh start to students who struggle in the conventional public school setting. Our education model is designed to reengage under-credited, disconnected youth through hands-on, project-based learning, such as internship and fieldwork.

Through alternative schooling, tomorrow is boundless!

Struggling students ages 16-21 are offered pathways to education that conventional public schools do not, including stronger social-emotional support, alternative teaching methods, and more flexible schedules and grade requirements. The unique freedoms of our academic model permit students to accumulate 20 credits per year, which compares to the cap of 11 credits per year at conventional public schools.

Smaller class sizes create spaces for students to thrive by honing in on each individual's skills, abilities, and learning styles. Integration of post-secondary and career counseling prepares students for whatever future they choose to pursue.


Operating since






Since first opening in 2015, New Ventures Charter School has successfully graduated hundreds of at-risk high school students through our alternative education model. Pairing a strong core curriculum with internship and fieldwork experience, we continue to prepare students with the tools necessary to continue excelling academically, professionally, and personally.
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ICS Values

Teamwork, Courage, Community, Integrity
Instructional Pillars: Achievement, Identity and Belonging, Responsibility and Becoming

“Forever thankful for all the opportunities this school has opened for me. Six years later, I would not be where I am today without New Ventures. Miss you all!”

New Ventures Charter School Alum

“Your teachers are the reason my son goes to school and will get his diploma. I wish all schools on Staten Island were gifted with the New Ventures staff. School would be a better place for kids.”

New Ventures Charter School Parent

“There is not a day that goes by that I do not sit back and reflect on the amazing opportunity I had to attend a school filled with love and passion for changing people's lives. I am so happy with the place I am in right now and the person I am becoming.

New Ventures Charter School Alum

“I wouldn’t have been able to get here without New Ventures Charter School. Transferring was the best decision I ever made. Looking back now I’d never picture myself here, with a full-time job I love, a certificate with my name on it, and the pride and happiness I have within myself.”

New Ventures Charter School Alum

“I would have never been able to graduate if I didn’t go to New Ventures Charter School. It changed my whole perspective of school and I enjoyed my time there. The teachers and staff are outstanding and they truly care about you. I would’ve dropped out if I didn’t go to this school. You changed my life in a good way. Thank you for everything. Once a Stingray always a Stingray!”

New Ventures Charter School Alum

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