At New Ventures Charter School, our pathways to education are tailored to the strengths and passions of each student. 

Through our fieldwork and internship program, we have designed a curriculum that aligns with the host organization's mission, with classes conducted off-site by partnering businesses across Staten Island. With an emphasis on project-based learning, students earn credits toward a high school diploma while exploring potential career opportunities in the process.

New Ventures students focus on fieldwork and core curriculum from 12:00 pm to 7:20 pm Monday through Thursday. Fridays are dedicated to internships and online courses.


Historical Connections:

The Brielle 140 Friendship Lane, Staten Island, NY 10314
Through collaboration with elderly residents of The Brielle assisted living community, students explore interview and memoir writing to preserve their life stories.

Literature of Educational Research:

Lavelle Preparatory Charter School 1441 South Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10314
Students assist elementary teachers at Lavelle Preparatory Charter School in instruction, studying the relationship between dynamics of learning and the cultivation of meaningful teacher-student connection in creating enduring, transformative, educational experiences.

TV Production Through American History and Government:

Community Media of Staten Island 100 Cable Way, Staten Island, NY 10303
Uncover historical events and methods of civic engagement through broadcast journalism at the Community Media studio. Students use moments from the past to frame stories of present-day through technical and creative experiences of television production.

Culinary Mathematics

Above Catering Hall 1100 South Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314
Students develop their entrepreneurial plans for a food establishment while experimenting with their own recipes at the Above Catering Hall in the Staten Island Hilton Hotel.

Business Mathematics

Rab’s Country Lanes 1600 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305
Learn about budgeting, banking, credit management, and taxation in a hands-on finance course hosted at Rab’s Country Lanes bowling alley.

Genocide Studies:

A Very Special Place 55 Quintard St, Staten Island, NY 10305
Explore the meaning of genocide, historical instances of genocide, its causes, effects, and the consequences of unchecked hatred.
The unique flexibility of our academic model permits students to accumulate 20 credits per year, which compares to the cap of 11 credits per year at conventional public schools.

At New Ventures, we are dedicated to accommodating our students' schedules by actively seeking ways for them to earn credits that align with their personal commitments, including work hours. It is our mission to help students meet graduation requirements efficiently while providing guidance along the way, enabling them to progress toward their college or career goals.
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