Student Life

At New Ventures Charter School, we've revolutionized the high school experience, creating a nurturing, secure, and enjoyable learning atmosphere for not only our students and families but also for every member of our school community.

Our Student Experience

You won’t ever feel lost in the crowd at New Ventures. We believe that the key to a successful and fulfilling high school experience is not just about academics but also a true sense of belonging.

That is why we’ve designed a program where students are “adopted” into school families of teachers, staff, and peers who share common interests, passions, or goals. This structure ensures that each student has a consistent network of mentors and supporters who are dedicated to their growth and well-being throughout their high school journey.

Combined with a personalized curriculum, our tightly-knit school community propels each student to the finish line so they can earn the diploma they deserve.

Redefining Learning at New Ventures:

At New Ventures Charter School, our pathways to education are tailored to the strengths and passions of each student.

Explore Real-World Applications:

Our innovative curriculum, seamlessly integrated with real-world experiences, is tailored to the mission of our partnering organizations across Staten Island. Through our fieldwork and internship program, conducted off-site, students engage in project-based learning, earning high school credits while immersing themselves in potential career pathways. At New Ventures, students dedicate Monday through Thursday from 12:00 pm to 7:20 pm to both fieldwork and core curriculum, reserving Fridays for internships and online coursework.

Flexible Education:

At New Ventures, our commitment lies in tailoring education to fit our students' unique schedules, actively pursuing opportunities for them to earn credits that accommodate their personal obligations, such as work commitments. Our mission is to facilitate efficient fulfillment of graduation requirements while offering supportive guidance to advance students toward their desired college or career pathways.

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