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Richmond Preparatory Charter School is a public school in central Staten Island, offering an innovative computer science-focused program for grades 6-12.


Through computer science pathways, Richmond Preparatory Charter School's unique education model is designed to set our students up for success in technology-oriented careers before graduating high school. Richmond Prep is Staten Island’s first computer science-focused 6-12 program.






Students with
an IEP

Our Promise

Richmond Preparatory Charter School serves all students on Staten Island, particularly those diagnosed with autism. We believe all students can benefit from small class sizes, student centered instruction, and a caring and devoted staff.
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Why Choose Richmond Preparatory Charter School

Students learn from each other as much as they learn from their teachers. Our classes are welcoming of all students, including those with IEPs. Our small class sizes and highly trained staff ensure that all students can learn and grow in the same environment. Our teaching philosophy is that students need to be hands on with their work and learn through experimentation and experiences.

Fully Inclusive Learning

We embrace diversity through integrating students with differing learning needs in our classrooms. Richmond Preparatory Charter School classes are comprised of 60% general education students and 40% special education students, each working alongside teachers at their own pace. Our program and facilities are designed for those living with autism.

Individualized Attention

We value the power of small class sizes in increasing student engagement, improving academic performance, and strengthening relationships between students and teachers.

Comp-Sci Program

Starting in the sixth grade, students are introduced to the basics of programming and hardware, and courses increase in complexity through the eighth grade. Students finish middle school with their first certification. In high school, students choose a Programming or Hardware track and graduate with college credits and additional certifications.

Student Wellness

We recognize the important role mental, emotional, and social wellness plays in fulfilling personal potential, even beyond the classroom. Our robust Wellness program guides students in managing stress, overcoming challenges and practicing conflict-resolution in their everyday lives.

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Are you an incoming Richmond Prep student?

New and returning students are encouraged to visit our Resources page for helpful documents and information about uniform policy, school supplies lists, required forms, and more.
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Familiarize yourself with our programs to find the right ICS school that's the right fit for your child. Read about our schools, watch a tour video, attend an open house or speak to our recruitment team.
Visit the application portal to create an account. Fill out the forms and submit your application.
After we run our lottery in April, you will receive either a seat offer or a waitlist number. Once you receive your seat offer, submit your registration forms.

Experience the Integration Charter Schools difference
for yourself.

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