About Integration Charter Schools

Integration Charter Schools is unique in Staten Island for offering a blend of small classroom environments, a dedicated program for social-emotional well-being, and the advantage of college credits and internships during high school years.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to providing innovative pathways to college and career that fully integrate students living with diverse learning needs. Each student’s personalized plan speaks to their individual academic, professional, and personal goals.


Operating since






ICS’s John W. Lavelle Preparatory Charter School (Lavelle Prep), Staten Island’s first charter school, was established in 2009. Its mission was to provide a rigorous college-preparatory education for students with diverse learning needs. Now in its 13th year, ICS serves over 1,500 students in grades K-12 across four charter schools.
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ICS Values

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“I'm a public school teacher and I send my student to Lavelle Preparatory Charter School - that should tell you something. I see a difference in homework, tests, and overall support."

Lavelle Preparatory Charter School, Student

"My daughter is graduating from The Early College Charter School this year and she will already have 18 college credits. She started in the 8th grade and is graduating a year ahead of her peers."

The Early College Charter School, Parent

"I wouldn’t have been able to get here without New Ventures Charter School. Transferring was the best decision I ever made. Looking back now I’d never picture myself here, with a full-time job that I love, a certificate with my name on it, and the pride and happiness I have within myself.”

New Ventures Charter School, Alum

"When [my son] was at his elementary school, especially after going remote, I felt some teachers just gave up and didn't have the heart. Here at Richmond Preparatory Charter School, I am constantly involved in his education and notified of his upcoming classwork and tests on a daily basis. For us, we feel that he is getting the education he needed but wasn't completely getting through the DOE."

Richmond Preparatory Charter School, Parent

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