Student Life

Student success goes beyond academics. At ICS, we believe that school should be a place where children experience learning in a holistic way.

Beyond the scope of a rigorous academic curriculum, our students are immersed in an enriched schedule, which includes student-initiated clubs, hands-on class trips, invigorating fieldwork experiences, and a dedicated social-emotional learning program seamlessly integrated into each day's agenda. 

Within this framework, we proudly offer an array of student interest clubs spanning various domains, such as technology, sports, literature, and more, meticulously tailored to cater to the diverse passions and hobbies of our student body. Our after-school clubs serve as an invaluable platform, affording students the opportunity to delve deeper into their interests, forge meaningful connections with like-minded peers, and foster a sense of belonging within our vibrant community.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Program Overview:

In our Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) classrooms, students are grappling with issues of identity, diversity, growth mindset, and college/career readiness in lessons that center their voices and personal occurrences. Throughout the year, students will experience both mirrors into their identities and windows into other cultures, perspectives, and experiences.

Wellness Curriculum

Through the integration of wellness classes, elementary students in grades K-4 learn to identify feelings and overcome difficulties regulating emotions in lessons designed with evidence-based counseling methods. Rooted in the Harmony Social-Emotional Learning curriculum, students participate in engaging and creative activities designed to boost self-esteem, enhance their abilities to regulate their emotions, develop interpersonal skills, and cultivate a sense of belonging and community. We practice communicating effectively, resolving conflicts, and understanding the qualities of friendship.

Advisory Curriculum

An extension of our wellness curriculum, students in grades 5-12 meet regularly for advisory periods, functioning as both a dedicated class for social-emotional learning and a daily opportunity for teachers to assess the individual needs of each student. In these intimate settings, with class sizes capped at around 10 students, teachers forge meaningful connections as student concerns, passions, and interests drive advisory-supported work. We work to ensure that our lessons echo the high-quality instruction students receive in their content classrooms, using similar instructional routines and structures, including frequent discussion circles, and videos, articles, and books featuring diverse characters and narratives.

Student Life at ICS

We embrace the multifaceted experience of student life, encouraging academic and personal growth through clubs, sports, celebrations, and milestone events at ICS.

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