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Lavelle Preparatory Charter School offers a continuum of fully inclusive education, serving students of diverse learning needs in grades K through 12. With a graduation rate of 100%, we are committed to guiding students on their distinct pathways to success by pairing a strong core academic curriculum with a comprehensive social-emotional learning program.


Since opening in 2009 as Staten Island's first charter school, Lavelle Preparatory Charter School has expanded to provide educational options for elementary, middle, and high school students. Our program has consecutively ranked as one of the best public high schools in the United States, according to U.S. News and World Report.*
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TOP 40%

Best High schools*

Our Values: Teamwork, Courage, Community, Integrity

Instructional Pillars: Achievement, Identity and Belonging, Responsibility and Becoming

“Lavelle Prep is one of the most inclusive and welcoming schools I have come across. They make every child feel like they belong by providing differentiated instruction. The Teachers are so dedicated to helping the students be successful, it warms my heart. Lavelle truly is a family and loves new additions.”

Lavelle Preparatory Charter School Parent

“I love Lavelle just as much as my children do. The environment is very clean and well-organized. The teachers at the school are very friendly and welcoming. Because of Lavelle, my children are drastically improving in academics and have developed amazing reading skills. I would recommend this school to anyone.”

Lavelle Preparatory Charter School Parent

“The teachers make lessons that captivate the students' interests and help them advance academically. The students are listened to and given opportunities to be a part of their learning. Excellent support and welcoming atmosphere!”

Lavelle Preparatory Charter School Parent

“My daughter has just started kindergarten this year and things could not be going better. All her teachers are great and incredibly responsive. I feel like I know everything that is going on inside her classroom, from what she is learning to her behavior.”

Lavelle Preparatory Charter School Parent

“My experience with this school has been phenomenal. The teachers are dedicated and there is open communication between parents and teachers. My children feel like the are part of the community.”

Lavelle Preparatory Charter School Parent

“This school is the best on Staten Island. The teachers communicate well with me and my son is very happy at his new school. As a parent, I love the way they teach. My son improved greatly at Lavelle.”

Lavelle Preparatory Charter School Parent

“Best school ever with amazing faculty. My son was nonverbal and, since joining Lavelle, he has turned into a chatterbox. He gets the right support, therapies /services, and environment to grow. He learns something new every day and continues to amaze me.”

Lavelle Preparatory Charter School Parent

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